02 July 2006

Invasive Species Newsflash!

Seems like no habitat, regardless of how isolated and inappropriate for human colonisation, is not spared of the invasive species plague. New Scientist reports on invasive species becoming a problem even on Antarctica (registration required):

New Scientist SPACE - Premium- Alien species at the gates of Antarctica - Breaking News: "ALIENS are invading Antarctica. The battle is on to prevent them from wreaking havoc, but it may not be enough. Non-native species are already establishing themselves in what is one of the world's last great wildernesses.

At the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) in Edinburgh, UK, last week, 45 nations agreed measures aimed at stopping non-native microbes, plants and animals from invading the Antarctic. Visiting ships are being urged not to dump ballast water from other oceans, and the invading aliens problem was given top priority for research."

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